April Newsletter!

Happy Spring!

Important dates:

April 1 New Spring schedule starts

April 12-15 IEA Dressage Nationals  in Ohio, no lessons with Amanda - IEA Western semi-finals

April 20 AEL horse show away, no lessons with Amanda

April 19-26 School Spring Break, afternoon lessons times available

April 20 Farm clean up day, tack shop open!  HELP NEEDED to get the farm ready for show season

April 21 Easter - NO lessons

April 27 Farm clean up day, again, help needed!  Tack shop open

May 4  NO lessons, show prep  

May 5 NCH Horse Show #1   No lessons

*We will be opening the tack shop down at the lower barn on a part time basis.  If you are interested in selling used show clothing on consignment, all items must be clean, labeled with your name, phone number, price and on a hanger.  We will also be selling many new items for you and your horse, and NCH gear too!  

NCH will host the first home show of 2019 on May 5th.  If you missed the horse show meeting, information is available in the lounge.  Horse request/entry forms will be available in the lounge around 4/10.  Both sides must be filled on completely and returned to the office before April 25th.  Show fees may be paid on 5/4 during show prep.

**Riders that take lessons on the weekends, please take note of the NCH show dates, as lessons will NOT be held on NCH show weekends.  

Summer camp registration online at www.ridench.com

AEL and IEA team info at ieateam.nch@gmail.com

ALL financial questions, inquiries, credit card updates or to request billing via Square invoices financial.nch@gmail.com


All family members must be in the lounge, not the barn for the safety of riders, horses and NCH staff

Please do NOT feed any horses treats without permission from the trainer

Riders are to arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson time. Late arrival may result in a shorter ride time, or not riding at all at the discretion of the trainer

24 hour notice for cancellations to avoid being charged for the missed lesson.  3 No shows will result in loss of the lesson time

All lessons are scheduled and canceled with Allie at lessons.nch@gmail.com or 518-858-5472

DAY of cancellations MUST be texted to 518-858-5472

Riders under 18 may NOT be dropped off for their lesson, unless arrangements have been made with Amanda or the trainer.  

Riders are responsible for returning all tack, blankets and halters after their lesson and cleaning the wash stall

Visit the NCH website at www.ridench.com

Happy Riding!!