Happy Hot Summer - July News


Please remember, NO lessons on July 4th!🎆

Please make sure to send me your vacation dates, ASAP, it helps riders that are looking to reschedule or add extra lessons.  Since we are experiencing extreme heat this week, we are not canceling all lessons.  If the trainer feels its too hot for the horses and riders, they will provide a lesson in horsemanship, that is age and riding level appropriate.  All beginner and intermediate riders will benefit from attending a horsemanship lesson.  



**Please remember lesson students under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult, riders may not be dropped off unless prior arrangements have been made with Amanda.  


**Summer camp week 2 is approaching, campers must not be dropped off before 9:00am, unless before care has been arranged, as well as picked up promptly at 4:00pm.  The trainers are unable to tend to campers that have been dropped off early or not picked up on time.  This is for the campers safety!



NCH summer dress code:  NO tank tops, short shorts or flip flops/sandals allowed.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted, this applies to riders of all ages.  It's important for parents, siblings and family member to wear appropriate and safe footwear while in the barn.



Riders that do not have proper long pants, and riding boots may not ride in their lessons.


Riders going to GMHA, please let me know if you will be missing your weekly lesson, and Amanda's riders still planning to attend their lesson, please confirm with me.




July 4 - NO lessons

July 6 - NO lessons with Kait or Anne

July 8 - IEA BBQ and meeting, open to all middle and high school riders interested in joining IEA and any rider interested in joining the AEL team (grades 1-3, 4-12 and adults), contact Amanda for info

July 10-15 GMHA horse show

July 15 - ALL horse request/entry forms must be filled out and returned

July 28 - Limited lessons and horse show prep

July 29 NCH Show #3  (NO lessons)

July 30 - NO LESSONS

August 18 - Limited lessons, horse show prep

August 19 NCH show #4  (NO lessons)

August 20 - NO LESSONS

August 27-31  IEA Training camp, lessons may be limited

September 3 - No lessons. Labor Day

September 4 - Fall schedule starts


NCH will be placing another clothing order for shirts, hats, sweats, etc in mid August.  Order forms will be in the lounge at the beginning of August.


New riders that are interested in participating in our home NCH shows, please let us know and we will send you the information, or there is a paper in the lounge.


Boarders:  Please make sure your horses have labeled fly masks and fly sheets!!!  And your supplement containers full.  NCH staff is not responsible for supplements being filled.



All fly masks and sheets, along with fly spray on all horses after lessons

Riders, please bring at least 2 water bottles with you for lessons to stay hydrated


24 hour cancellation policy - lesson packages are good for 8 weeks only - must be prepaid before the first lesson to receive the discounted price of $140, after the first lesson, package is $160

Riders can keep a credit card on file to avoid paying the full price of a package

Riders must arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson time, late arrivals may result in shorter riding time.

Family members must watch from inside the viewing room, NOT in front of the gate.  Please don't let siblings in the aisle way and no screaming or running.

Please, no dogs in and around the barn or arenas.

Don't forget to check the board for bills and updated information


Please remember to volunteer your time to our home horse shows, the more help we have, we can avoid having to hire an outside show organizer, which will greatly increase the cost of our home shows.  NCH shows are a great way for riders to participate in a fun, relaxing show to gain experience!  Don't forget to sign your rider up for the Marley Fund Class!!!  The $10 entry fee is donated directly to the Marley Fund at Upstate Equine!




Summer camp inquiries:  summercamp.nch@gmail.com

Billing:  financial.nch@gmail.com

Lessons, scheduling and canceling:  lessons.nch@gmail.com or 518-858-5472

IEA Team:  ieateam.nch@gmail.com

 Summer camp registration:  www.ridench@gmail.com

Happy Riding!!