December News at NCH

Happy Holiday!



December 2 - NO LESSONS

December 3 - NO LESSONS

December 4 - Lessons with HEIDE ONLY  - NO lessons with Amanda


December 16 - Deck the Stalls 🌲🎁 to be held from 12-2  (IEA practice 1-3)  A special guest plans to arrive around 12:00 for photos!

Holiday party at 5:30 at Amanda's house - EVERYONE IS INVITED * please be sure to RSVP via email or facebook before December 13

*Deck the stalls sign up sheet is posted.  All riders are welcome to sign up to decorate a stall, teams encouraged!  Judging will be at 2:15.  Decorations must be removed before January 1 and not interfere with the stall door opening/closing.


December 24 - Limited lessons - Please confirm your lesson ASAP

December 25 - NO LESSONS

December 31 - Limited lessons - Please confirm your lesson ASAP

January 1 - NO LESSONS


*Please let me know if you will not be attending any of your lessons during this holiday season, so our trainers can make their own holiday plans with their families.


*Extra lesson times will be available during the holiday school break, let me know if you are interested in adding some extra lessons.


Gift ideas for riders:

lesson packages

winter riding boots

winter riding pants

show pads/girths

warm gear 


half chaps

quarter sheets/coolers

hand warmers

*ask your trainer if you need any help in shopping for your rider?

Please remember, all parents and family members are to watch from the warm viewing lounge, not the aisle way or in front of the gate.  Help yourself to hot chocolate or coffee while you are there!!

NCH is adding a 4th trainer to the schedule by Janary!!  Hopefully we can accommodate every rider and their schedules!  Please remember trainers schedules may change, we cannot guarantee the same trainer for every lesson.


NCH wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season!!!  🌲🎁🎅


Happy holiday riding!!!