October Newsletter

Happy Fall!🍁🎃


Upcoming important dates:


October 13/14 - No lessons with Amanda * All other lessons as scheduled

October 20 - No lessons with Amanda * All other lessons as scheduled

October 21 - NO lessons/lease rides - Western IEA Show 

October 27 - NCH Awards Party  No lessons after 4:30pm

November 4-6 - No lessons/lease rides - IEA Show  (boarder lessons only on 11/6 available)

December 2-4 - No lessons/lease rides - IEA Show (boarder lessons only on 12/4 available)


*lessons will be held as scheduled on Columbus Day, October 9th


With the increased number of  lesson students this Fall, we are creating more group lessons.  Groups are being formed for a 10 week session, that will run October - December.  Please let me know if you are interested and your availability.  Trainers will advise on which riders are compatible and ready for semi-privates or group lesson.  Private lesson times may changed slightly to accommodate newly formed groups.  We currently have a completely full schedule and are working hard to accommodate all of our current riders as well as new riders.  Riders not planning to continue through the winter months, please let me know what date you plan to ride through.


IEA Team practices will continue on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  Arena use may be limited to accommodate practices.  Saturday lessons will be limited to boarders only.



**Evening of Champions🏆 will be held on Friday, October 27th at 6:00pm.  Awards will be given to all riders that participated in 3 of the 4  NCH 2017 Series Horse Shows.  Please make sure to RSVP with attached form and payment before October 20th.  Dinner, awards presentation, silent auction, dancing and cash bar!!  A fun evening for all NCH families!




-All riders are to arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson time for grooming and tacking up.  Riders can retrieve their tack upon arrival.  Late arrivals may result in a shorter lesson time.

-All riders are kept on the schedule continuously.  Please inform me when your rider is unable to attend a lesson, minimum 24 hour notice. Missed lessons without at least 24 hour notice will be charged. The horses assignments are made over the weekend, knowing the schedule ahead of time is important in planning the horses days off.

-Lesson packages are to be paid prior to the 1st lesson to receive the discounted price of $135 for 5 lessons.  Lesson packages are good for 8 weeks time.

-No sponging in wash stalls

-All riders are to sweep wash stalls after use.



Please check the board in the lounge weekly for all bills

Supplements are your responsibility to make up and label, not the NCH staff

Please label your horses sheets, fly masks and halters

Please pay the board on time to avoid late payments


Important emails:


all scheduling and cancellations



all billing inquiries



all team information


visit our web site at www.ridench.com