June Newsletter

It's time for the 2nd NCH Horse Show of the 2017 Series on Sunday, June 11th!  ALL horse requests/entry forms must be submitted by Saturday, June 4.  Forms are available in the lounge, please fill out both sides and don't forget to include the In hand and Showmanship classes, as well as the costume class.  Proceeds from the costume class benefit the Marley Fund, and is now held during lunch break.  Lots of fun for the kids!!

Please let us know if you are participating in the In Hand and Showmanship classes, and we will schedule a  brief clinic the day before the show.


~NO lessons or lease rides on June 10, 11 or 12th because of the show.  Boarders may schedule a lesson on Saturday, June 10th.

~Show prep will be 10-2 on Saturday, for all riders

~Volunteers needed for the horse show - concessions, ribbons, parking, etc.


Please note:

NCH trainers are changing their schedules around for the summer to accommodate vacations, family obligations, and horse shows.  It is a benefit to all riders to be able to participate in learning with all of our trainers.  The trainers are updating a log with information on each rider and where they are at in their learning.


**Please let me know if your rider will be continuing on their current schedule into June and through August.  Riders are scheduled continuously unless you let me know otherwise.  Vacation dates are appreciated ahead of time.


NCH will be hosting a Side Saddle Clinic on July 22, sign up sheet is in the lounge

Show sign up sheets are in the lounge for non- NCH Horse Shows


Lesson students will need to make sure to replace fly sheets and masks after their lessons.  


Please send your riders with plenty of water as the weather gets warmer.


Reminders for ALL riders:

wash stalls must be swept after each use

24 hour cancellation to avoid being charged for missed lessons

arrive at least 15 minutes prior to lesson time

all parent/family members are to watch from the viewing room, not the aisle or in front of the gate

lesson packages are to be prepaid before the 1st lesson to qualify for the discount

arena use is limited on Saturday afternoons, e/o Tuesday evening for IEA practice and on show days

Spring/summer leases available with a 4 month minimum



Summer camp inquiries can be sent to summercamp.nch@gmail.com and registration is online at www.ridench.com

Financial inquiries or invoicing requests can be sent to financial.nch@gmail.com

IEA Team inquiries can be sent to ieateam.nch@gmail.com



Please keep your horses supplements filled and ready with at least 1 weeks supply.  It is your responsibility to prepare your horses daily supplements, NOT NCH staff.

Fly sheets/masks must be labeled for your horse.  Board payments are due on the 1st of each month to avoid late fees and remember to check the board for your farrier bills.

Paddock replacement is beginning this week, horses will be moved around to accommodate the tear down and replacement of fencing  



Happy Riding!