August Newsletter

Happy August!


Upcoming horse shows:

Sunday, August 6 at Double B * Please let Amanda know ASAP if you are interested in going

Sunday, August 20 at NCH * ALL horse request/entry forms must be in before August 10th

September 9/10, GMHA * sign up sheet in the lounge, entries close on August 27

September 17, NCH final show of the 2017 series * horse request forms must be in before September 9


**Don't forget to sign up for the Marley Fund Class on 8/20, we will plan to do a fun game class for all ages and abilities!!  


2017 Year End Awards Party for NCH Horse Show Series will be held in October - date and location TBA


As we are approaching the Labor Day holiday weekend, PLEASE let me know ASAP if your rider will be attending their lesson.  Our trainers would like to make their holiday plans for the September 2-4 weekend.  With summer camp and lots of summer lessons, it is very helpful for us to know the schedule ahead of time to figure out the horses days off and extra opening to accommodate all rider's schedules.  


All riders that hold a weekly lesson day/time are kept on the schedule continuously, unless you inform me otherwise.  Please try to give more than 24 hours notice when your rider isn't able to attend their lessons due to vacations or other conflicts.  We understand when a rider comes down with an illness at the last minute.


I will be filling in the fall schedule in the next week or so.  Please let me know if you rider will be continuing in their current day/time for September-December.  



August  19 - except boarders * show prep for all riders/horses

August 20 - NCH show

August  21- Day off for all

August 26 - Summer camp horse show 

September 16- except boarders * show prep for all riders/horses

September 17 - NCH show

September 18 - day off for all


Amanda will not be available for lessons on August 12/13.  


NCH will be hosting the 1st Summer Camp Horse Show on Saturday, August 26 at 10:30am.  All riders that attend summer camp are eligible to participate in this fun show!



-riders under 18yrs cannot be dropped off unless prior arrangements have been made with Amanda, this includes lesson students, lessors and campers

-summer dress code- NO tank tops, short shorts or flip flops.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted and we have NCH shirts for sale.  Parents, please remember it is important for you too wear appropriate footwear in the barn and please do not be in the aisle way for safety of yourself and the horses

-please make sure riders have at least 2 water bottles with them during the summer months

-all fly masks, bonnets, sheets and spray must be used on ALL horse before and after lessons

-24 hour cancellation policy for illness- NCH would appreciate more notice for vacations, etc.  

-lesson packages are to be prepaid before the 1st lesson and are good for 8 weeks

-a set weekly lesson time is available for riders that attend lessons every week.  this is subject to NCH discretion

-boarders are responsible for their horse supplement preparation, not NCH staff

-boarders/lessors are responsible for labeling fly masks and sheets for horses

-please check boards for all bills

-NO sponging in wash stalls or bathing out front, all water use should be out back



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