February News

**NCH Events Meeting!

-Sunday, February 8 from 2:00-5:00pm at Westview Apartments, 125 West Ave. in Saratoga Springs.

This meeting is for all boarders, lesson students, campers and parents. Starting at 2:00 we will have all your 2015 paperwork to fill out, horse show sign ups, summer camp registrations, IEA team info and a show clothing sale/swap.  At 3:00 Amanda will talk about horse show dates, proper attire and show information.

*There will also be one day only discount for summer camp with registration and full payment.

*Please label any clothing you are interested in sell with size, price and your name and phone number.  This is a great opportunity for new and growing riders to get a head start on getting all the proper attire!

Dates to Remember:

February 6  Jumper Jackpot

February 16-20  School vacation week, a great time to add an extra lesson or two!!

February 20  Game Night

February 22  Barrel Races  *NO lessons

2014-2015 IEA Horse Shows are wrapping up for the team by the end of February.  Practices will continue, a schedule will be announced soon!  The team has had a great first season, congratulations!!


-Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to lesson time

-24 hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged

-Lessons must be scheduled AND canceled with Allie, 858-5472 or lessons.nch@gmail

-PLEASE put all tack away and sweep your wash stall after every use

-Please remember when lessons are canceled, it is for the safely of horses and riders.  If lessons are cancelled, so are lease rides.

As NCH grows, we are always looking for ways to be better organized!  We now have separate email addresses for the various aspects of our growing farm.

LESSONS - lessons.nch@gmail.com

SUMMER CAMP - summercamp.nch@gmail.com

BILLING - financial.nch@gmail.com

IEA TEAM - ieateam.nch@gmail.com

And our website is www.ridench.com 

Where you can view our monthly newsletter, download camp forms and see the horses that are for sale or adoption.

And of course, on Face Book!

-North Country Horses

-North Country Horses Rider and Boarder